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A Poster on Digital Citizenship

Richard Styner


I designed a poster on How to be a good Digital Citizen that incorporated several design principles I learned in a MOOC I attended in design. It uses complementary colors, circular design to show the principles are non-hieracrctical, and a plain white background to emphasize the message.

This poster is very informative while at the same time being attractive in aestetics. I have posted this file to various social media, including my professional twitter, G+ and facebook accounts. It has received over 200 total views or impressions from fellow professionals. It has also been shared multiple times. This semester I have mentored and coached teachers at two different schools. I have handed out at least 15 copies of this poster to promote digital citiezenship. It was especially relevant to the teachers I helped with blogging for a unit on digital citizenship.

I estimate that if all fifteen terachers posted the poster, which does not include anyone who downloaded a free copy from my social media, then it has reached over 600 students per semester. In addition to this reach, designing this poster gave me insight into what makes constitutes effective design, which I can use to assist teachers in effectively conveying their message.